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“Professional, excellent communication, engaging, vibrant, fresh and relevant.”

Natasha Roberts-Moore,  St Peters High School 

“The children enjoyed the assembly which kick started the workshop activities for the day. The individual classes found the creation of rap using ideas and poetry to be very stimulating.”

Eric Sterling, Year 6 teacher, Marlborough Primary School 

 “Student of Life came highly recommended by a member of staff and other schools within our borough. My expectations were exceeded! The children were enthused, excited and inspired by the performance. They really thought about the poetry/lyrics they produced during the workshop. Thank you very much, I will be in contact in the future”
- Humanities Subject Leader, Oakington Manor School

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“Student of Life boosted the children’s confidence, raised their self esteem and encouraged team work.
It brought fun to learning and the teachers thought it was fab too”
- Sonia Marquis, Yr 5 Teacher. St Paul’s Way Community School

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you with all my heart for the whole experience that you gave
us, pure brilliance”
- Henry Worger, pupil (14), Highbury School

“Professionalism was top notch, they really know their stuff. It was fantastic!”
- Adam White, Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator, Bonneville primary School




“An exceptional lesson, the rap performer was excellent, he inspired them to think, captured the class’ attention and got them writing their own rap poems. They looked at attitudes to life, not having all the answers but still having a “have a go” attitude, good BLP skills apparent”
- Sohanniee McCullough, Park High School

I enjoyed making our own lyrics. We could see our ability. Breis was great and he understood how we felt”
- Yr 7 student

“Exciting and challenging, very well delivered. The best part of the day was the performance and quality of the children’s work. The children loved it!”

- Extended Schools Co-ordinator, Loxford School of Science Technology

“Dear Breis, thank you for coming to Unicorn school to talk about your rapping. My favourite rap was – wahala because it was really cool and I liked singing the chorus. I think you must be really clever to make up all the rhymes and be able to remember them.”
- Luke Jackson, Yr 4, Unicorn Primary School

“All children and adults involved in the workshops haven’t stopped talking about them. They loved performing and are now writing their own raps in class. It’s even inspired the parents to write some! Thank you
- Head Teacher, Bonneville Primary School