Student of Life uses elements of Hip Hop culture to engage young people in education.

We are a Hip Hop inspired arts organisation passionate about encouraging positive attitudes towards learning. Since 2009 we’ve visited over 400 Primary and Secondary schools across the UK and internationally.

We deliver interactive rap and poetry workshops, inspiring rap performances, motivational talks using proven teaching and learning strategies to inspire creativity, engage students more and improve student performance.

Some of the subjects we have worked with include English, Science, Music, Drama, PSHCE, Citizenship, History, German and Maths. Take a look at some of the programs we are currently offering below.


We offer a range of programs suitable for 6 – 18 year olds. 

  1. Hip Hop Literacy – improving listening and writing skills.
  2. Rap Science – Learning Science through rap
  3. PSHCE – using Hip Hop to promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of young people

For each program you can chose between a one day session, a 6-week program or a 12 week program. You can also decide if you’d prefer one or two facilitators.



For further details, send an email to we’ll be more than happy to assist you with any questions you may have. Check out some of our videos on the side to see what we’re about.

To make a booking now, please fill out a Bookings Form .




Who are the facilitators?

Student of Life has a number of facilitators who are masters in their respective fields, have valid DBS clearance and work well with young people. Creating a safe space for learning, fun and creativity.

How many students do you work with in a workshop?

We work with a class group size, so a maximum of 30 students at a time. We require a member of staff to be present also. For rap performances and talks we can perform to a whole assembly, be it a whole school, key stage or year group.

Who is it for?

Our workshops can be tailored to suit the needs of your schools whether you want us to focus on a select cohort of pupils (e.g. more able or disadvantaged); a whole year group or tackle a specific in-school issue like bullying. It works well with both boys and girls.


For a full-day workshop, 6 – week or a 12 – week residency please send us an email.

Do you do special events?

We offer workshops throughout the academic year and summer schools. We also do enrichment days, World Book Day, Book week, Black History Month, Science week, National Story-telling Week, INSET days, poetry slam competitions and National Poetry Day. We can host your events or perform at your parties.

How do I make a booking?

Send an email to stating that you’d like to book a Student of Life workshop along with any preferred dates you have in mind. We’ll check those dates are available and allocate one of our facilitators.